[time-nuts] GPS for Nixie Clock

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 16 10:56:29 EDT 2016

A company that I founded, at one time shipped about half the world's supply of PC graphics cards.  We got several requests from the film and TV industry for display devices that produced images that could be filmed.   Our cheap-ass solution was a card that output 24 Hz video and the camera was synced to the board.  

Things got interesting when the scene involved dozens of monitors. The cheap solution was a video board where the frame timing chain was triggered by the camera shutter.   A much better (and much more expensive) solution was a true "genlock".   We won a couple of SMPTE awards for our work and willingness to work with the film industry to supply custom solutions for some rather tricky, one-off requirements.


>There's a whole industry of producing 24 fps TV and computer monitors so the display "looks" ok when filmed at some rate.  I used to have a bunch of "genlockable" VGA display cards that could be put into a PC and synced to some supplied sync signal. 		 	   		  

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