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Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Sun Jul 17 12:40:06 EDT 2016

It should be noted that PCTel acquired a number of antenna manufacturers (1999-2005),
Antenna Specialists, Micropulse, some Andrew products, Maxrad.

The GPS antenna referenced, GPS-TMG-26, is virtually identical to the 
earlier Maxrad GPS antenna that is found surplus through many venues.
Install instructions

For UNKNOWN used commercial GPS antennas, they are fairly generic.
Many used antennas are a patch or helical design that have an internal LNA powered by +5 VDC 
on the antenna line (powered from receiver) with a variety of connectors (F, TNC, BNC, N).
HOWEVER ... BEWARE of +12 VDC powered antennas and receivers -- 
often found with early dedicated timing solutions.
IF the antenna has a multi-conductor cable, it is most likely an integrated outdoor receiver and antenna with the cable providing voltage and data line using RS-485 or RS-422 standard.

> The GPS Antenna Micropulse Z1001 appears to be what is now 
> designated GPS-TMG-26

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