[time-nuts] 5061B Service Manual, Page 8-57 (BEAM I, if LOW)

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Hi to all - If you have been updated to Windows 10, you have 30 days to go back to your old Windows.
It takes from 5 to 30 or more minutes depending on computer speed.

Here's how:

John K1AE

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On 7/16/2016 8:11 PM, Christopher Hoover wrote:
> My 5061B (with FTS tube) has a low beam current.  Maybe 7 on the meter when
> adjusted onto the primary peak.
> I bought the Ops and Service manual, but my copy is missing page 8-57 (and
> 8-56 if that exists).

Given that Foldout Page 8-57 (Beam I LOW Troubleshooting Chart) is Fig 
8-30 and Fig 8-29 (The HIGH version) is Page 8-55, I don't think there 
actually is a Page 8-56.

Since my computer was forcibly updated to WIN10 my scanner no longer 
works with it but if you don't get a better offer I will try to get an 
old laptop to work with it tomorrow and  scan Fig 8-30.  It's too hard 
to abstract what you need, and will have to be in segments anyway.


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