[time-nuts] GPS message jitter (preliminary results)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 18 22:38:07 EDT 2016

My LEA-6T board came out of one of those cheap Chinese drone pucks.  It has a ceramic patch antenna on board.   I have it sitting on the floor of the lower floor of a two-story, stucco over wire mesh house (not close to any windows).   Same for some Sirf,  Venus, and standard Ublox receivers.   Real horrible signal quality, sat constellation changes every second,  total signal dropouts,  etc.  Yet they all provide excellent consistency  of their timing messages... ones gotta love what a modern GPS receiver can do... and some cost a whopping $5 (ok, three for $15, shipped from China) with antenna.
>  And, because I've seen it myself sometimes on some receivers, I will agree that these NMEA timings are not necessarily consistent over long periods, especially over episodes with significantly varying reception quality, including loss and reacquisition of lock.


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