[time-nuts] Leap second to be introduced at midnight UTC December 31 this yea

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 00:49:13 EDT 2016

The Z3801A bug reporting the wrong day for the leap second is has to be in the Z3801A firmware and not the GPS receiver...  that receiver does not have a message that reports the date of the leapsecond or the almanac data needed to calculate it.  It only has the message that says a leapsecond is pending.  I bet that when they see the leapsecond pending flag from the receiver they assume the day will be on the last day of March,  June,  Sepember, or December... whichever comes up next.  I also bet that when October 1st come around it will report the correct date.   No telling what time it will report at midnight UTC on 31 Sep... 		 	   		  

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