[time-nuts] Leap second to be introduced at midnight UTC December 31 this year

Jay Grizzard elfchief-timenuts at lupine.org
Tue Jul 19 20:39:06 EDT 2016

On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 11:39:29PM +0000, Mark Sims wrote:
> The GPS satellites are now reporting the pending leapsecond...
> The Z3801A has it messed up...  it says the leap will occur on 30 Sep
> 2016 (73 days).  The Z3801A has two different messages that report the
> leap day...  both are wrong. 		 	   		  

I think some (modern!) Trimble gear may also has a problem. I have an ICM 
SMT 360 board that's (slowly) flipping back and forth between showing a UTC
offset of 17 seconds and an offset of 18 seconds. This is their currently
shipping timekeeping chip, so it's surprising, but I don't know how else
to explain the behavior outside of a firmware bug.

(I've sent an email to Trimble support, but haven't heard anything back yet.)


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