[time-nuts] Venus838LPx-T opinions?

Nick Sayer nsayer at kfu.com
Fri Jul 22 21:16:53 EDT 2016

Looks like the bare modules are available for $25 (FOB Taiwan) each MQ:4. Eminently reasonable. I am probably going to get 4 to start with and make an LGA breakout board for myself and do some experimenting with them.

The tough part for me is going to be upgrading the controller to the ATMega328PB to get enough flash space to add the sawtooth compensation handling stuff. But even if I completely ignore the NMEA output of the module, it'll be worth it to get timing firmware with survey capabilities. I'm quite excited. 

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> On Jul 22, 2016, at 3:21 PM, Nick Sayer via time-nuts <time-nuts at febo.com> wrote:
> Anybody played with one of these? http://www.skytraq.com.tw/products/products-Timing%20Module.html
> It looks promising for GPSDO designers. It has a survey mode (looks to be automatic) and one of the NMEA messages reports quantization error.
> The downsides I’ve identified so far are that it’s an LGA69, so that’ll be… exciting… And I don’t have any pricing, availability or minimum order information at the moment.
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