[time-nuts] Venus838LPx-T opinions?

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 23 01:23:33 EDT 2016

I have implemented support for all of the relevant Venus binary messages.   It's just that I don't have a Venus timing receiver to test the timing receiver specific messages (which are only three messages that control  the self-survey / position hold modes).   Oh, and besides the lack of a binary message with satellite position/signal levels,  there is none that reports the sawtooth error.  

Lady Heather's NMEA support is limited to standard NMEA messages that all receivers support (position, date/time, satellite info).   The only "proprietary" NMEA commands that I send are those that can switch a receiver into binary mode.   Receiver binary modes generally allow full control over the receiver.


Maybe I'll wait til Lady Heather has a more complete communication set with this part... 		 	   		  

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