[time-nuts] Venus838LPx-T opinions?

Clay Autery cautery at montac.com
Sun Jul 24 16:15:02 EDT 2016


Thank so much for the history of how you got trapped... errr started in
the Lady Heather software project.  :)

Questions still remain:

1) What is the link to the "official" Lady Heather site?
2) How/where can we shoot a donation to say "Thanks!"?


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On 7/24/2016 2:03 PM, Mark Sims wrote:
> I am the creator author of Lady Heather.   The code in Lady Heather started out from a program that I wrote  to control Magellan GPS receivers (like the OEM-5000) back in days of the first Gulf War... it ran under DOS as a text mode only program. 
> When TAPR did their group buy for Trimble Thunderbolts I bought one and modified tcode to work with it.   Again, basically a DOS program that could run under Windows and do some plotting.   The idea was to keep it simple and had a lot of kludges to minimize memory usages so it could run on low-end discarded machines.
> John Miles added support for running properly under Windows using his WIN_VFX library.   Then the fun began and things began to get out of control.   Lots of new features,  silly features,  useful features, not so useful features were added.   There is still code/compile options in there for a DOS compatible compile, but too much has been added for that to ever work again...
> A few months back, I added support for working under Linux using X11 as the graphics / keyboard interface.  That code is what it in the Rev 4.0 beta that is on John's web site.
> Lately I have been adding support for working with receivers other than those in the Trimble Thunderbolt family.   It is now working with Trimble, Motorola, Jupiter, Sirf, Venus, Ublox, NMEA, SCPI (Z38xx), UCCM, and a few others.  It also works with GPSD (a sort of universal GPS receiver interface for Linux).  It can also work as a system clock display without a GPS receiver connected.
> I hope to have the newest code finalized and released shortly... I'm waiting on a couple of new receivers to come in.
> Lady Heather is free, open-source software now released under the very permissive MIT license...
> ----------
>> Mark, what's your official link to Lady Heather.... and how do we donate to the 

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