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Mon Jul 25 13:18:44 EDT 2016

Hi Bill:

I have links to the Sola patents at: http://www.prc68.com/I/Sola_CVS.html#Patents
The 1939 patent shows a single gap and the resonant circuit, but the current patent (number on Sola xformer label) shows 
two gaps and the resonant circuit.
They specify up to a 3 ms dropout restoration which implies the amount of energy stored is enough to last that long.

A full time UPS (one where the line is converted to battery voltage then battery voltage is converted to a sine wave) 
could be expected to have a clean output.
But a relay switched UPS, like mine, does nothing to the line waveform, so the Sola offers a lot of improvement.

Since the Sola does not help getting a sine waveform, it may be better to put it on the input since that might make 
dropout detection more reliable?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
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> Years ago I knew exactly how Sola regulators worked. That has faded, but
> what remains is that the regulation was done by varying the saturation
> of the core. That's why there is a slot in the laminations. I find it
> hard to believe that a partially saturated core can produce zero
> harmonics.
> In any event, the LC circuit does not filter anything. Possibly the
> circuit counteracts the change in saturation as the line voltage
> changes. I wouldn't expect it to effect the high frequency components of
> spikes.
> Any power supply that has a diode bridge and capacitor to create DC only
> draws power from the line at the voltage peaks, when the diodes become
> forward biased. I don't know of any choke input supplies, as were used
> to reduce the peak current of vacuum tube rectifiers.
> I know nothing about power factor correction for a bridge and capacitor,
> whether or not it is followed by a switching regulator.
> Make of it what you will.
> Bill Hawkins
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> From: Alex Pummer
> Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2016 7:29 PM
> That is interesting, since the Sola device has a to the line frequency
> tuned tank circuit in it, thus the output should not have to many higher
> harmonics and should look reasonable close to sinusoidal see here:
> http://www.rdrelectronics.com/russ/jun16/vs2.PDF
> 73, K6UHN Alex
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