[time-nuts] OT stuffing boards: was GPS interface/prototyping board

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Thu Jun 23 15:28:15 EDT 2016

One more related question before this topic dies, if you don't mind.  What about the other side of building: stuffing the boards.  My GPSDOs have about 120 parts per board, plus some custom work on the SMA connectors.  Is there a service out there that will populate boards with SMT components for small orders at a reasonable price?  Small is 10 boards.

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 Subject: Re: [time-nuts] RS232 / GPS interface/prototyping board
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 Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 6:06 PM
 Life is so much easier
 now,  dirtypcb is a great service,  I have a pile of
 boards here from them which are far greater
 quality than anything I could
 hope to
 produce at home or even in the lab I used to have. 
 They're also
 better quality than any of
 the local board houses I used in the past.
 Having said that,  I did hand
 manufacture fifty single sided boards from
 photo laminate to completed product in one
 weekend using a Dremel drill
 press for
 somewhere around four thousand holes and hand soldering
 component so it was definitely
 On 23 Jun 2016 00:01, "Nick
 Sayer via time-nuts" <time-nuts at febo.com>

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