[time-nuts] Trimble / Symmetricom UCCM mini-GPSDO boards

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 24 04:38:56 EDT 2016

For those of you that have one of these... good-ish news.   I have Lady Heather working with them (well, at least the Trimble works,  the Symmetricoms have not arrived yet and there are a couple of known differences in their commands).  I'll get the code out there when I have a chance to test it with the Symmetricoms.  They seem to fairly nice little units.  Not as tweakable / versatile as a Z3801A, etc but quite usable.

For those that are thinking about buying one,  be aware that there are some pretty skeezy / clueless / dishonest sellers out there.  People have received units with various parts that have been physically damaged or ripped off the boards.  Apparently one or more of the Chinese scrappers was less than gentle removing them from whatever it was that they came out of.  EEVBLOG has a long thread that mentions the Chinese Standard GPSDO Damage Infliction.  A couple of devices (an inductor, a couple of caps, and some connectors) seem to be the most prone to be damaged... most damage was easily repaired.   My Trimble came from a seller with a high reported coefficient of skeezyness, but was in perfect condition.  Oh, and they run on 6V 2A startup,  .8A warmed up.  


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