[time-nuts] OT stuffing boards: was GPS interface/prototyping board

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Thu Jun 23 20:56:40 EDT 2016

Disclaimer:  I've not used any of these yet.  New style assembly houses
are MUCH cheaper than traditional proto shops.  The ones I'm planning on
trying are:

Macrofab (Houston)  https://macrofab.com/

pcb:ng http://pcb.ng/index.html (currently in beta with **deep**
discounts.   $1/sq in + BoM cost

Small Batch Assembly  http://www.smallbatchassembly.com/

All of these guys have their advocates. All will do under 10 pcs.    I
plan on running a similar job through each of them and seeing what I find.

On 6/23/2016 2:28 PM, Bob Stewart wrote:
> One more related question before this topic dies, if you don't mind.  What about the other side of building: stuffing the boards.  My GPSDOs have about 120 parts per board, plus some custom work on the SMA connectors.  Is there a service out there that will populate boards with SMT components for small orders at a reasonable price?  Small is 10 boards.
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