[time-nuts] Ublox Neo-6M time error.

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 1 17:02:20 EDT 2016

I have no idea... I can't run Ucenter.  It requires an internet connection to run (or at least register).  All my current Windoze boxes are XP,  and there's no way in hell I'm connecting an XP box to the internet.  Other GPS makers don't have such a requirement to use their software,  so I avoid using Ublox products.

I'm pretty sure the issue is the "when does the time message come out in relation to the 1PPS" question.  It seems Ublox is the odd man out compared to the 11 other receivers from 6 different makers that I have tested.

Oh, and whoever thought sending out sawtooth corrections after the 1PPS was a good idea needs to treated to a severe atomic wedgie...

> What does u-center report for the NEO-6M? 		 	   		  

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