[time-nuts] picDIV board.

dan at irtelemetrics.com dan at irtelemetrics.com
Wed Jun 1 22:01:12 EDT 2016

So, having a batch of PIC12F675's to play with the picDIV's with, but 
being lazy I decided to look for a dev board for the 8 pin PIC's. 
(Yeah, I know how lazy can you get! :) )  Just didn't feel like wiring 
up the programming header to a bread board, etc. Anyway, one appeared 
in google on OSH park and Tindie. Looks like the same guy.  So for 
anyone thinking about playing with the picDIV but feeling as lazy as I 
am, this might be a good option. It even includes some prototype area 
on the board! 
 From OSH park you get 3 boards for under $10. 
For those of you who don't know what a PIC DIV is:  
My guess is it would also work with a picPET and an FTDI cable. 

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