[time-nuts] Ublox Neo-6M time error.

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 1 23:47:52 EDT 2016

Versions past 8.16 no longer run on XP.   For versions 7 (and earlier) Ublox only offered a Windows downloader program to download the actual program.  That was what I ran into earlier.   I just downloaded the 8.16 version and it does work under XP and does not need a net connection. 

BTW, the Neo-6M documentation on the receiver version info message is wrong.  They say it should return a packet a least 70 bytes long (with software version,  firmware version,  rom version, and optional feature versions).  The Neo-6M only returns 40 bytes (software version, firmware version).

> So I don't know what problem you're having, but I don't think it's caused by ublox. 		 	   		  

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