[time-nuts] Mystery hp Ovens For Sale

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Thu Jun 2 11:58:20 EDT 2016


Thanks for the heads up!

I purchased both units and they arrived yesterday.

I was worried for a moment as the HP106 assy. also had an HP107 part
number on a label on the side.

I realized that it was too big in diameter to fit a 107 but wonder why HP
put that label on it???

Carefully disassembled it and everything looked very nice inside
including the giant Bliley 2.5Mhz XTAL.

I had to clean off a bit of cadmium "fungus" off a few of the mechanical
mounting parts.

Also there are 3 of the old style white Vitromon capacitors in the
oscillator section.

These caps had tin whiskers "crowns" covering each end! They were removed
easily with a small stiff brush.

Now to apply some 24VDC and see if it fires up!

The other unit has no identifying information, the two end caps come off
by pushing three  locking slides over and pulling.

Inside the adjustment end there is a small (7 or 9) pin electron tube!
The oven end construction reminds me of a General Radio oven I one worked

Built like a battleship!

Anyone have any idea what it might come from. I'll try and post a PIX

Might be 100Khz or 1Mhz.



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