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jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 5 08:36:10 EDT 2016

On 6/5/16 4:40 AM, Eric Scace wrote:
> http://www.loran-history.info/Johnston_Island/Johnston%20-%20OSC%20Msg%20221416Z%20Oct%2064.pdf states than an O-451/U oscillator was shipped to the Johnston Island LORAN station in 1967. We are getting closer...
> I am the owner of O-451A/U serial number 11. I would appreciate any documentation that people uncover. Although the USCG property tag says Western Electric was the contractor, some have suggested the construction reminds them of General Radio practices...

Western Electric operated Sandia Corporation(the civilian nuclear 
weapons development and production company) starting in 1949 when it was 
split off from Los Alamos.  Immediately post war, University of 
California, who operated Los Alamos, didn't want to be involved in 
weapons development, so it was split off.

Historically, there has been a pairing of a Sandia facility with Los 
Alamos and Livermore.

Johnston Island has been used for rocket launches and various nuclear 
testing for years (e.g. Teak, Dominic), as well as nuclear detection and 
anti-satellite research.

It is no surprise that Western Electric would be sending timing 
equipment to Johnston Island.

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