[time-nuts] does anybody have software for the DeLorme LT-20 Earthmate?

walter shawlee 2 walter2 at sphere.bc.ca
Mon Jun 6 15:39:53 EDT 2016

I am not really sure what program is actually gpsd, there seem to be 5 on 
sourceforge when searching gpsd, but all seem abandoned, none have any hardware 
info as to supported devices.  using the ubuntu repository returns nothing.

I will download what's there and see if I can get any to work. clearly the 
DeLorme devices did not have message code compatibility with other units, and 
there seems to be an issue with starting the device (command required) before it 
will output anything, a somewhat unhappy circumstance from a testing viewpoint.

all the best,

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On 2016-06-06 11:36 AM, Gary E. Miller wrote:
> Yo walter!
> On Mon, 6 Jun 2016 09:14:26 -0700
> walter shawlee 2 <walter2 at sphere.bc.ca> wrote:
>> generic operation under Linux
>> (Ubuntu) would be an especially great find, although I know the
>> company did not produce anything.
> Have you tried gpsd?  gpsd has supported several EarthMate versions.
> BTW, the Ubuntu binary for gpsd is not so good, grab the source
> from upstream.
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