[time-nuts] Divide by 3

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 00:33:17 EDT 2016

When I was working on the temperature control feature of Lady Heather,  I noticed that I could detect when ever I opened the refrigerator door (in the next room) or when I was in the same room as the Tbolt by looking at the EFC or temperature sensor plots...  the Thunderbolt oscillator makes a nice thermometer.  People are basically a 100 watt space heater.

Another time I was working on a precision temperature recorder (based upon an Analog Devices V/F chip).  It could easily detect when a person walked into or left a (rather large) lab.  You could even quantify the number of people in the lab (one particularly large guy counted as two people).

>  People would say "nice thermometer, guys :-( 		 	   		  

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