[time-nuts] Osmocom bare PCB's for the LEA-6T.

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 11 17:36:47 EDT 2016

I got in the Osmocom LEA-6T bare boards from China.   They look good.    I have a few extras available at $10 each shipped in the US.  Contact me off list.  If you need two or more boards, it is cheaper to order them from OSHPARK.COM  You can get three for $19.   I put the Eagle .BRD files on OSHPARK.COM shared projects  (https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/CZcc5jFa)
If you need a solder paste stencil,  download the .BRD file from OSHPARK.COM  and send it to OSHSTENCILS.COM  (hint: save a few bucks and don't use their default border size, also you probably don't need the back side stencil).  From looking at the stencil layer in GERBV, it looks like the openings for the LEA-6T module are a bit long and might run into a couple of adjacent caps.  You might need to tweak the paste on a couple of the pins.


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