[time-nuts] Switching a Trimble Resolution-T TEP to/from TSIP mode

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 12 21:51:43 EDT 2016

Oops..  the Res-T emulates a 12 channel Motorola receiver (with a few differences), not an 8-channel.   One big difference is that you cannot stop a self-survey when in Motorola mode.  Also, I have seen it occasionally report that is in survey mode when it is not (could be related to the stopping a survey issue).   
The TEP reports satellite tracking status is either TRACKING or SEARCHING... real Motorola 12-channel receivers have eight possible tracking states.   The TEP always reports the satellite fractional clock offset as 0 whereas the Motorola reports a value from 0 to 1E9 nanoseconds (or 2^31 nanoseconds in some of the tracking modes).  There are probably other minor differences...
Also, if you switch a TEP to TSIP mode but do not send the command to update EEPROM,  a power cycle with get you back to Motorola mode... and a survey.


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