[time-nuts] Improving on basic L1 timing

Angus not.again at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 14 04:16:00 EDT 2016


I'm planning to test some rubidiums again, but since Santa never did
get me that hydrogen maser I asked for, I'm still stuck with ordinary
gps timing receivers as a separate medium to long term reference. The
atmospheric issues are probably the main ones I would like to get rid
of, although the more errors removed the better.

It does not have to be done in real time, but even an single test run
would last weeks, so there could be a lot of data to tie together.

It would really need to be something that actually exists rather than
just an idea of how it might be done, since I really just don't have
time for any more major projects anytime soon. I've found from
experience that too much time spent making the test gear etc means
that I don't get the time to actually use it!

I'm also looking for something that's not too expensive - like up to
hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.
A good cesium or 2+ frequency gps with relevant options might be fine,
but also rather out of my price range. 

BTW, I do plan on uploading the end results, in case anyone is

If anyone knows of some way to do this, (or even has something
appropriate they want to sell) I'd appreciate hearing about it, on or


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