[time-nuts] u-blox "naked" chips - anyone brave enough to try them?

Mike Cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Wed Jun 15 03:44:15 EDT 2016

Certainly cheap…. BUT

On the ublox site there is a table indicating that the KT is a standard precision engine. On the same table, the UBX-M8030-KT-FT is required for timing:

< https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/GNSS-Chips_Linecard_%28UBX-13004716%29.pdf >
< https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/UBX-M8030-KT-FT_ProductSummary_%28UBX-14001605%29.pdf >

So, they may be cheap, very cheap, but are they really what a TN would want?

Hope that helps.

> Le 15 juin 2016 à 01:38, Attila Kinali <attila at kinali.ch> a écrit :
> Moin,
> Some of you might know that the u-blox chips are available in small
> quantities and for quite cheap too. Just go to aliexpress or taobao
> and type in "UBX-G7020" or "UBX-M8030" and you will get plenty of
> results. My guess is, that these chips are leftovers from cellphone
> production that get sold off close at wholesale price (I've seen
> that with other chips as well). So it is likely that these are 
> actually genuine chips.
> Now, the documentation for those chips is not that readily available.
> But fret not! Some of it can be found if you look hard enough. At least
> for the G7020. I think, this information should be enough for anyone
> who wants to build his own GPSDO with Trimble like oscillator control
> (ie that the reference oscillator of the GPS module is steered directly).
> The UBX-M8030-KT, which would be a timing chip and thus for sure
> support the RAW data commandos, is unfortunately quite google proof.
> At least I couldn't find any documentation for those but the official
> public one provided by u-blox. I would guess, that the pin out is very
> similar if not the same, but without guarante.
> (I know that least the UBX-M8030-KT datasheet UBX-13001634 is floating
> around, but So far i was not able to get hold of it, due to insufficient
> chinese language skills)
> As for the UBX-G7020, you can find the following documents:
> UBX-G7020-KT/KA u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS chips Data Sheet GPS.G7-HW-12001
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ArdentHeavyIndustries/straightedge-gps-firmware/master/Datasheets/UBX-G7020-Kx_DataSheet_(GPS%20G7-HW-12001)_Confidential.pdf.pdf
> u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS chips Hardware Integration Manual GPS.G7-HW-10003
> https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/GPS/MOD-GPS/resources/UBX-G7020_HardwareIntegrationManual_-GPS.G7-HW-10003-_Confidential.pdf
> So, if anyone would want to give those a try, let us know.
> I'm sure many here would be interested.
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