[time-nuts] Ocxo wrong frequency.

Iwa2008 iwa2008 at aol.com
Mon Jun 20 14:28:49 EDT 2016

 was messing around with one of theocxo's last night. The most easily way to guarantee an instantincorrect frequency turn on is to either start it at an under voltagecondition(ex. initial power on at 10V, with full current), or tostart it with a current limited power supply, that delivers half themax instant turn on current(ex. giving it a 500mA limit, when it cantake 1A). Interestingly enough I have cases of the cfp oscillators,and 3 stp variants. I have been able to test all of the stp's andthey exhibit this bug. Those were from CIC GGER gpsdo's, that is whatI learned many many years ago. My CFP's are all unused, still intheir original shipping boxes. The unfortunate thing about that isthe product label information has been covered up. With the 4 cases Ihave almost all are in sequential order SN wise.
Sorryfor the long post.

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