[time-nuts] TU60-D120-131 Specs....?

Bryan _ bpl521 at outlook.com
Tue Jun 28 02:53:30 EDT 2016

Is there any trick in getting serial data from these units. I have my terminal program set to 4800 8N1 and the txd and rxd pins on the receiver connected through a TTL/RS232 converter to the PC. Can not get anything on the terminal screen. Scoping the TXD pin on the receiver and I see a burst of data at power up, but that is about it. Any help appreciated.


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> Subject: [time-nuts] TU60-D120-131 Specs....?
> From the Zodiac binary message,  mine reports 12 channels,  software ver 93.07 from 01/16/04,   hardware options 5843 (hex).
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> > I think the firmware version is in one of the NMEA commands.  		 	   		  
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