[time-nuts] TU60-D120-131 Specs....?

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Thanks Mark, just not getting anything on the terminal program, other than a little square character upon a restart, even tried my PicKit 2 UART tool. Tried both 4800 8N1 and 9600 8N1. Have tried sending @@Cj and a host of other supported commands from the users manual ie @@Ea. Even tried some of the other Zodiac commands as I understand 1331 etc

Table 6-3 Jupiter-T default command set
The following command is available only on the Navman Jupiter-T receiver: @@Wb: commands the receiver to go to Navman binary protocol Note: the receiver will always revert to the above protocol on power cycling by using the Navman binary command 1331 (message protocol control) when in the Navman binary mode. When set to the  Navman binary mode, all of the standard Navman messages are supported as well as additional commands relating to timing applications.


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> They default to speaking Motorola binary data.  The burst of data at power-up is the Motorola @@Cj version info string.  You then have to send it some commands to enable various messages.  There is a command to enable Zodiac binary mode. I don't think that they speak NMEA.  
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> > Is there any trick in getting serial data from these units. 		 	   		  
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