[time-nuts] WWVB software for PC

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed Nov 2 13:35:43 EDT 2016

Hi Vlad,

There's lots of postings about this in the archives. For playing at home I usually use a GPSDO/1PPS as the time reference and don't worry about how accurate the 60 kHz carrier is. There should be lots of postings in the archives about all this.

The code itself is very simple. See for example:

You can also use PC audio through headphones as a transmitter for *both* the carrier and the subcode:


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> I am wandering, if anybody seen the projects like WWVB simulation 
> (transmitter) using GPS/NTP/whatever as a time reference ?
> I have something similar, which is generic PIC MCU with connected WWVB 
> antenna. This box generate WWVB signal for very short range. However its 
> handy for developing/troubleshooting the WWVB receivers. There is no 
> fancy parts on that - just an WWVB antenna, which many "travel radio 
> clock" has under the hood. Unfortunately those box using internal 
> oscillator and every time it needs the time to be setup on it.
> The reason to have "GPS-2-WWVB" could be use it to sync. some watches 
> without relay on WWVB signal propagation. Sometimes its a challenge to 
> get WWVB in big cities because of location and QRM.
> -- 
> WBW,
> V.P.

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