[time-nuts] Man with too many clocks.

Antonio A. S. Magalhaes asmagal at fc.up.pt
Thu Nov 3 08:59:01 EDT 2016


Tell us about your trigger: where is it? 




A 2016-11-03 12:20, Peter Reilley escreveu:

> I am the proverbial man with too many clocks and I don't know what time it is.
> To correct this situation I have decided to calibrate everything.
> I have a HP 5370B, a HP 6370A, and a HP 5328A all with the TCXO option.   I also
> have some TCXO modules.   I figured that I would calibrate them against my Trimble
> Resolution T GPS receiver.
> I put the 1 PPS signal in one channel of my scope and one of the 10 MHz TCXO
> signals in the other channel and look at the phase relationship. The TCXO's are
> already close enough that I should not be out by more than a fraction of a waveform.
> I understand that I have to deal with the 1 PPS without sawtooth correction.
> I expected to see the 10 MHz signal bounce around but not move more than 1/2
> of a wave length.   Instead I see the 10 MHz waveform appear steady for a few seconds
> then jump a significant portion of the wave.   The jump is too much to be confident
> that I have not slipped one cycle.
> Can I do what I am trying to do or am I missing something?
> Pete.
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