[time-nuts] 5071A with ATTENTION flashing

Li Ang 379998 at qq.com
Thu Nov 3 11:10:48 EDT 2016

  Today I met one HP 5071A with option 001 at one secondhand equipment company. This one can not enter CONTINUOUS OPERATION status, the ATTENTION led flashes. 
  There is a "Low cs signal with max Emult" error in the log. I have run the self-test, and it stopped at "9.2GHz PLL test 10.3v".  I can only remember the the pump current was 0.8uA or less, C-filed was about 12mA. 
   The seller is asking for about 4000$, I am wondering if it's repairable. Since it is a "HP" branded 5071A with 001 option,  I do not know if the Cs tube is dying or not, according to the two current values? 
   How do I know one 5071A/5061/5062 is dying or is still in good health by the readings?



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