[time-nuts] Thinking outside the box a super reference

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 3 18:15:11 EDT 2016

On 11/3/16 1:54 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> Since you can *buy* a working Rb that runs to a given level. My assumption is that
> the objective is to do something that is significantly better than you can get for $100
> or less.  I see no point in setting up to build a device that it 10X worse and costs 10X
> more money.
> Making the physics package of a good Rb takes a lot of custom tooling. It also takes
> a bunch of engineering experiments to get the process running on that tooling, You
> also need to train the operators on how to do this or that with the setup.  If good performance
> is the goal, you probably need some sort of quality process backing it all up.
> If you look at a modern CPU as “just a handful of sand and some stuff”, it seems
> pretty easy to build one in the kitchen after an hour or two of setup. When you dig
> into the nasty details the line costs rapidly spiral off into the stratosphere. Atomic
> standards are not quite as complex, but there still is more than just a little custom
> equipment involved. $1M sounds a bit on the low side of what it might take.

Two books everyone contemplating this should have:

Procedures in Experimental Physics, John Strong
Roll your own, in the 30s and 40s.

Building Scientific Apparatus, Moore, Davis, Coplan, and Greer
Vacuum systems, Ion optics, Temperature control, etc. etc.



I figure everyone on this list is already sufficiently knowledgeable 
about oscillators, amplifiers, etc.

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