[time-nuts] Gentlemen: Synchronize Your Watches!

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> Time may be relative, but physicists are a stickler for accuracy.

Ok.. the story without out the whole media mambojambo and mixup
of things can be found at [1]. A description of the setup they used
can be found at [2] and [3]. What they basically do is to use two
fs frequency combs running at 200MHz, each on the transmitter and
receiver side and implement a two-way frequency and  time transfer
using those pulses.

			Attila Kinali

[1] "Synchronization of clocks through 12km of strongly turbulent air
over a city", by Sinclari et al. 2016

[2] "Synchronization of Distant Optical Clocks at the Femtosecond Level",
by Deschenes et al. 2016

[3] "Tight real-time synchronization of a microwave clock to an optical
clock across a turbulent air path", by Bergeron et al. 2016

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