[time-nuts] Newbie With a Z3801 Problem

Mike Seguin n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net
Sun Nov 6 06:49:08 EST 2016

Hi Dave,

For power supply voltages, did you check here:


Scroll down the page a bit to get to the power supply info.

Your problem is very odd. I retired my Z3801A a while back as it was 
seeing an occasional error. I should drag it back out and see what it does.


On 11/4/2016 8:23 PM, Dave Hallidy wrote:
> Hal-
> I took your suggestion and sure enough, I can see on the scope that it puts
> out a string on power up.  I'm sure that's why SatStat gives me a
> "Communications established- please wait" then "Checking echo".  But then it
> all seems to fall apart, because after that, it drops back to "Trying to
> establish communications" and "No response..." until I power down then back
> up, and it repeats the cycle.
> I don't have any real info on power supply voltages, so I don't know what
> they should be.  On power up, it goes through the cycle of briefly lighting
> the LEDs on the main board red, ending with the green blinking one on the
> main board at the same time cycling through the front panel LEDs and ending
> with just the power LED lit.  I can pull it apart and check for caps needing
> replacement if you think that might be a cause of this.
> Dave
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> I would put a scope on the TX line from the Z3801A and power cycle it.  I'm
> pretty sure it prints out the version string on power up.
> Have you checked the power supplies?  Or looked for old electrolytics?


Mike, N1JEZ
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