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Here's a picture of the package you have, with the TI logo on the "heatsink". I pulled it just now from an old car stereo. The PNP Germanium GC588 crosses - not correctly! - to a differently packaged NTE102A which is rated for 1A and 32V with some decent gain. I suspect the GC588 is closer to your 2N1038-2, which is rated 3A. If one or two of these (curve tracer tested, even) would help you just send me an address off list. 

Bob LaJeunesse
Ann Arbor, MI

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> Slightly off-topic, as this is a general repair question. But it's a TIC.
> I'm repairing a 5275A timer (all-discreet count logic to 100MHz, neon bulb
> display, a most amazing bcd to decimal decoder made from neons and LDRs,
> 1-2-2-4 decade counters ..) and the current problem is a 2n1038-2 germanium
> T05 transistor in the power supply.
> It's mounted in an aluminium bush which is then isolated from the chassis.
> I don't think the bush is also a collet but I can't see how to remove the
> transistor. It resists ungentle pushing .. should I push it with a hammer ?
> Or is there a kinder way ?
> (I'm hoping to eventually put this into a system with a 101A oscillator and
> a 9815A calculator to measure the ADEV of a Boule electric pendulum clock).
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