[time-nuts] Time nut soon to be in Shenzhen

Li Ang 379998 at qq.com
Sun Nov 6 20:37:23 EST 2016

   Welcome to Shenzhen. As far as I know there is no market that you can see pile of OCXO. They were taken off from equipments, and the process is done in the Qingyuan or Shanwei city Guangdong province. The seller might be in Shenzhen, but the source is in Qingyuan/Shanwei. These city have a lot of people doing the disassembly , recycle and alchemy work. 

However, there are a lot of eletronics markets near Huaqiangbei. I think you should pay a visit there. There are some 2nd-hand test equipment sellers in Duhui,  Xinyazhou market. Since the rental price is quite high in Huaqiangbei, most 2nd-hand test equipment selles and warehouses are not there. 
If you are interested in some other things, maybe I can give you more detailed info.(place to buy, reference price, etc.).  


From: "Christopher Hoover"<ch at murgatroid.com>
Date: 2016/11/6 23:13:55
To: "Discussion of precise time and frequency measurement"<time-nuts at febo.com>;
Subject: [time-nuts] Time nut soon to be in Shenzhen

I'm in Shanghai now but will be leaving for Shenzhen in a few days.  Any
one know of any special time nutty stuff to check out in Shenzhen?  I
expect if I can find the right place I might see piles of OCXO's.

Thanks, Christopher and 73 de AI6KG
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