[time-nuts] 5071A with ATTENTION flashing

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Wed Nov 9 13:31:25 EST 2016

Regarding error codes in the 5071A.  This "feature"
was an afterthought.  All of us hardware designers
brought out test points that were easy to implement
and then the microcontroller polled them and software
was written to give error reports.  We did what was
easy on already finished board designs; not what
would be optimum if designing from the ground up.
If you can repair a 5071 based on the error code,
consider yourself lucky.

It is analogous to that old gag about the drunk
who is crawling around under the only street light
in the neighborhood.  A bystander asks him what
he is doing and he says he is searching for his
wallet that he lost.  The bystander asks him where
he lost it and he says "on the next block".
The bystander asks him why search here and he
says this is the only place with light.


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