[time-nuts] China Oscillator Alternative

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Thu Nov 10 04:04:26 EST 2016

Am 10.11.2016 um 07:02 schrieb Ed Armstrong:
> These have 10Mhz & 15Mhz out, which frequency is the OCXO?

A 5 MHz MTI-260

See the text I linked to   a few days ago.

> On 11/9/2016 7:18 PM, Perry Sandeen via time-nuts wrote:
>> List,
>> After all the problems that Bob Camp has noted with surplus OCXO's 
>> from China, perhaps buying the new Lucent units on Ebay may save bad 
>> words and/or unhappy actions.
>> $80 So for about $50 each delivered one has two brand new units that 
>> are already in a chassis so with just a simple lap top computer PS 
>> one is on the air. 
Someone here gave a hack to use the negative output of the RS422.
That works nicely with a HAMA USB to RS232 cable. For the pinout
converter I simply cut off the cable from an old Logitech mouse.
Then half of the work is already done. Just solder the plug to
the Lucent.

Does that mean there is new supply? I did my best to dry up
the last wave of non GPS units :-)

regards, Gerhard

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