[time-nuts] quartz drift rates, linear or log

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Sun Nov 13 09:34:29 EST 2016

Tom et all

While our instinct based on some "pre- knowledge" of the aging and drift 
processes is to try and fit these to linear or logarithmic curves there 
is a third possibility . That is, in fact the aging is not exactly 
either and may be better represented in fact be some kind of polynomial 
curve. The fact that there may be  more than one drift and aging process 
at play here would also fit this hypothesis. Ii makes my head hurt to 
think about how one would derive the polynomial. Following this thread 
further ( and not to discourage your endeavor) but the entire history of 
each Xtal may be more of a factor than we initially surmised as well. 
Each xtal is at a different point in its journey through TIME and its 
history may have as much or more to do with how it behaves at this point 
in TIME than we can characterize

Statistically it is also advisable  to throw out (from the curve fitting 
exercise anyway) unusual units that are clearly not like all the other 
kids since they are clearly marching to a different drummer and for the 
purpose of this exercise are adding to the NOISE of the analysis 8^)


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