[time-nuts] precision timing pulse

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Nov 16 16:03:42 EST 2016

chris at chriscaudle.org said:
> but once you get to most of the ARM processors it is harder to make them
> deterministic because of caches.

There are many ARM SOC chips that are half way between an Arduino and a 
Raspberry Pi.  They have GPIO and various serial ports and counter/timers.  
They don't have USB, Ethernet, or a display controller.  They do have on-chip 
RAM and Flash.

The ones I worked with didn't have a cache.  The on-chip SRAM was good enough.

They typically came with 3 sizes of on-chip memory, growing by a factor of 2 
each step.  So you get things like
  16K RAM, 64K Flash
  32K RAM, 128K Flash
  64K RAM, 256K Flash
That was 5-10 years ago, so things have probably changed.  I'd be surprised 
if something similar wasn't available today.  I haven't looked for eBay style 
low cost boards.

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