[time-nuts] Need for a document comparing time interval counters

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 20:55:08 EST 2016

If anyone has the time & inclination, a document comparing different time interval counters would be useful to budding time nuts. There are quite a few different models at prices that are affordable to many.

I have had a HP 5370B and a Stanford Research  SR620, but have neither now. I regretted selling the HP, but then after buying the SR620, I swapped that and a 4.2 GHz HP signal generator for an HP 4291B 1.8 GHz impedance and material analyzer. 

I was looking for something cheap,  but see a used Keysight 53230A on eBay for considerably more than a new one from Keysight. It had a "make offer" so I could not resist pointing out a new one is much less, and making a redicously low offer of $1000. I doubt it will be accepted,  but one never knows.  I once got a current Ketsight product for 2% of the current price,  so anything is possible.  

But a  comparison of TI counters,  and a discussion of the important specifications would be njce. 


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