[time-nuts] Best replacement for Trimble Bullet antenna

Russ Ramirez russ.ramirez at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 11:53:58 EST 2016

I think I'll stick with the bullet antenna. It's the right shape and has
been fine for the Thunderbolt to use. My TB is used for my NTP server and
for 10 MHz reference and I check it regularly with several tools.

I think it's somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison when considering
patch antennas in a window sill. The latter work great with the equipment
they are meant to, but the results definitely vary. As I said in my
original post, the Adafruit active antenna works exceptionally well
compared to any others I have tried before, so I'll probably just design an
active splitter/board (for fun) to get what I need - vs buying another
patch antenna from Adafruit.


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