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Yo Poul-Henning!

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> In message <F80F97D3-CE19-43B9-B37F-BE5D5F186D7E at n1k.org>, Bob Camp
> writes:
> >> I would support an RFC to mark the type a time an chimer is
> >> servings. Not only smeared and UTC, but also TAI, UT, UT0, UT1,
> >> UT2, ET, TDT, TDB, TT, TCG, TCB, GPS, etc…  
> >
> >That would probably be a good point to make on the NTP list :)
> >
> >The gotcha is that there is essentially zero time to approve and
> >implement something like that before the end of next month …  
> And no space in the NTP packets for the bits.

Not true.  NTP has provision for arbitrrary extensions to an ntp packet.

See RFC 5905. https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5905.txt section 7.3:

    "The packet format consists of three components: the header itself,
    one or more optional extension fields, and an optional message
    authentication code (MAC). "

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