[time-nuts] RPi/ beagle bone-like computer without video

Gary Chatters gcarlistaa at garychatters.com
Wed Nov 30 21:35:23 EST 2016

There do seem to be a lot of small SBCs out there.  I have used boards from
Technologic Systems, http://www.embeddedarm.com
and EMAC, Inc, http://www.emacinc.com

They have numerous models for you to look though.  Some various features:
- SBC or SoM/CoM on baseboard
- Various form factors including PC/104
- Usually with RS-232, USB, GPIO, Ethernet.
- Many without video.
- ARM processor
- Many with industrial temperature range
- Linux and development environment provided (may not be latest)
- Lower power then BBB.  One model runs at 0.5 watts.  Many around 1.

Prices generally 2 or 3 x BBB prices.

On 11/30/2016 03:42 PM, jimlux wrote:
> I'm looking for a small linux single board - similar to RPi or
> Beaglebone Black, but don't need the HDMI, or video stuff.
> Preferably without weird connectors, and available for wide temperature
> ranges (it's for a data logger/collector in the field)
> What's out there?
> There's BBB in industrial flavor (-40 to +85C ) for $60-70

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