[time-nuts] Need Time Help

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Oct 4 09:46:16 EDT 2016

From: Graham / KE9H

First, the reflector has already jumped in and helped you with the
definition of absolute time.  You can get single digit millisecond accuracy
(with some caviats and bewares) from NTP, for stations at different
locations.  You should be able to get single digit microsecond accuracy (or
better) with an appropriate GPS based timing systems. You can not get these
levels of accuracy out of the native time system on Windows. That is more
like single digit seconds.
--- Graham / KE9H


I showed graphs of five Windows systems using a PPS feed this morning all 
keeping time to within a millisecond, far better than "single digit 


Note that PC Alta shows a transient following a reboot, and the PPS feed has 
since been stolen from PC Bacchus around 13:00 UTC so that I can carry out 
some tests comparing USB PPS with Wi-Fi network syncing.

Your other points are well taken.

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