[time-nuts] Need Time Help

Peter Torry peter.torry at talktalk.net
Wed Oct 5 09:18:00 EDT 2016

I must admit to being rather puzzled at the sub microsecond timing 
requirement as I use ntp to set the W7 clock in my computer and have not 
had any issues. In fact less than one second is OK for the usual two 
minute periods that are required to allow for the Faraday rotation. 
Although I use a GPSDO for a frequency reference I find JT software 
reasonably tolerant of frequency.  As I may be missing something I would 
welcome observations on how important the period timing requirement is, 
you never know I might get more contacts.



On 05/10/2016 12:50, Graham / KE9H wrote:
> For the group. This ham is trying to work EME. Earth-Moon-Earth propagation
> path. Aka, "moonbounce."
> He is trying to time synchronize a system, where the other station he is
> communicating
> with can be any other place on the Earth that can also see the Moon.
> So the system time sync is for a little bit tougher case than a local area
> network.
> --- Graham

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