[time-nuts] New PPB rated TCXO

Robert LaJeunesse lajeunesse at mail.com
Mon Oct 10 11:03:11 EDT 2016

For general group information, as SiTime datasheet is not open to the public (yet?).


Actually a MEMS oscillator, comparison video against quartz TCXO is interesting.

Claimed Key Features:
- 30x better dynamic performance for macro cells, small cells, syncE and optical networks
- 3e-11 Allan Deviation (ADEV)
- 0.2 ps/mv PSNR, eliminating dedicated LDO
- No activity dips or microjumps
- 10x better dynamic stability, replacing OCXOs in IEEE 1588 applications
- 1 to 5 ppb/°C frequency over temperature slope
- -40°C to +105°C operation uniquely enables fan-less outdoor equipment 
- 20x greater vibration resistance ensures continuous system operation

Frequency range 1MHz to 220MHz (via 2 product types) so some form of synthesizer/divider is inherent.

Bob L.

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