[time-nuts] Fwd: TNS-BUF High Isolation, Low Noise Buffer Amp Available

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Oct 12 08:31:48 EDT 2016

Just a reminder that the deadline to order TNS-BUF isolation amps is 
next week -- October 20.


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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2016 10:15:46 -0400
From: John Ackermann N8UR <jra at febo.com>
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I've previously mentioned a high performance buffer amplifier called the
"TNS-BUF" that I built based on a design by Dr. Bruce Griffiths with
further input from John Miles. Key numbers are:

*  Phase noise -140dBc/Hz at 1 Hertz offset, noise floor -175dBc/Hz.
     (PN plot attached)
*  Reverse isolation greater than 100dB; low enough that I can't make a
     trustworthy measurement.
*  Gain from -10 to +7 dB from 1 to 30 MHz; maximum output >18dBm.
*  Nominal 18VDC operation, but works down to 12V with lowered
     maximum output level.

There's information, including performance data and schematic, at

There seems to be some interest in an amplifier like this, so TAPR has
decided to do a limited production run.  The amp is built with surface
mount parts, so we thought an assembled and tested board was better than
a kit.  The price will be $119 each.  But we have no idea how much
interest there is, and we need to build a minimum of 25 units to make
production feasible.

So, here's the deal:  you can order your TNS-BUF at


through *October 20*.  If we receive orders for at least 25 boards by
then, we will charge credit cards and place the production order with
our contract manufacturer.  If we don't get 25 orders, we'll cancel the
project and credit cards will not be charged.  There's no guarantee that
boards will be available for later order.

We expect about 60 days between placing the manufacturing order and
receipt of the boards at TAPR.  We'll ship to customers ASAP after
receipt.  So that means you can expect to receive your order shortly
after January 1.

So, go to http://tapr.org/kits_tns-buf now to place your order before
the deadline!


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