[time-nuts] leontp offset?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Oct 14 23:26:14 EDT 2016

gmx.tallahassee at gmail.com said:
> the offset of the leontp device from the other clocks has consistently been
> in the 9.5 -10.5 range.  since I'm measuring all three sources  from the
> same (EL7) computer, I would expect that the offset of the leontp unit to
> converge to be in the close neighborhood of the offsets of the arbiters. It
> has not converged, instead maintaining the ~10ms offset.

> Thoughts? 

The delay column shows the same small delay on all 3 boxes.  That pretty much 
rules out something strange on the network side.

I would add a few outside clocks.  That might help you figure out which clock 
is right/wrong.  (Both Arbiter's could be setup with the same error.)

You might check the antenna cable delays.  (on all 3 boxes)  Somebody might 
have typed in the wrong number, ms vs ns or km vs feet.

What sort of setup is LeoNTP?  Is it triggering on the trailing edge of a 10 
ms wide PPS pulse?

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