[time-nuts] Moving GPSDO

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Mon Oct 17 01:08:14 EDT 2016

The Motorola receivers in Lucent gear won't output a time signal if they
don't have an initial survey.

I make this assertion because the RFTG I had would not lock. The
Motorola bag of bits decodes to say there's no position fix because
enough satellites have not been acquired. Too bad I lived in a valley.

Let us know how this turns out, starting from an initial survey. 

Bill Hawkins 

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From: Joseph Gray
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2016 11:20 PM

I'm curious to know how accurately a GPSDO will keep its 10 MHz output
while moving. No initial survey to set a position would be done. I don't
care about the UTC time.

Joe Gray

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