[time-nuts] 1PPS to 32.768 khz

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 05:38:49 EDT 2016

First let me say this is first time I have posted to the group so go easy on 
me. :)
Secondly I want everyone to know that you guys make me feel so NORMAL for
wanting to use and understand accurate timing devices.

I thought there was something seriously wrong with me now I know there are 
affected with the same disease. hehe

Now my questions.
2. 10 Mhz Freq Standard
I wanted to get the opinion of anyone who has tried the Leo Bodnar GPSDO ?
For the money it appears to offer a beginner a lot of features.

Thanks and reading the daily digest of what you guys are working on.
I have a feeling if I am not careful you guys could cost me a lot of money. 



I have one of the Leo Bodnar GPSDO devices and it works well, using a patch 
antenna on the top floor of a building.  I haven't subjected it to detailed 
measurements but others here have.  You can use it to drive some SDR devices 
too, such as the AirSpy.  Being a new device, it's fully supported, of 
course, and it has two outputs (linked in frequency).

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